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Apple tvOS apps could get a lot bigger – upper limit for developers rises from 200MB to 4GB

Apple has told developers they can submit bigger apps, if they wish, on the tvOS store. The upper limit for app sizes has now risen from 200MB to 4GB.

It’s good news for Apple TV users too – especially those playing games. Big games on the iOS store often reach more than 1GB, but the restriction meant apps would have to be downloaded as a more lightweight framing, before downloading additional content once installed.

The new process is a far more unified experience, allowing everything to be downloaded at once. Sure, apps may take longer to download, but if you have to wait for them to retrieve additional information anyway before using, then the benefits aren’t clear.

Of course, the potential for developers creating massive apps or games doesn’t have to stop here – developers using On-Demand Resources can host as much as 20GB of additional content in the App Store so they can continue to download new content in the background as the user uses the app.

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The Apple TV is a set-top box which can turn any TV with a HDMI input into a smart TV. The fourth generation of the Apple TV was launched in 2015 to acclaim. It introduced tvOS giving the Apple TV its own App Store so users didn’t have to rely on the stock apps that came with previous generations. Apps and games were also universal meaning many apps they purchased on iOS were instantly available on the TV.

The Apple TV can be bought from Apple retail stores, or in its online store. It is priced from $149.

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