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Apple update ‘shot on iPhone’ campaign with more amateur photos

Apple has just launched the follow-up to last year’s “Shot on iPhone 6” ad campaign – you guessed it, “Shot on iPhone 6s.”

The commercials highlight the level of quality achievable with the iPhone 6s camera, even by non-professional photographers. Sourcing amateur shots from all over the world, the ads aim to show off just how good mobile photography has become. Huge billboards take advantage of the increased resolution in the iPhone 6s – 12 megapixels, up from 8MP in the iPhone 6.


This time round the pictures focus on human subjects

Apple really want to hammer home the fact that for most people, there’s no need to buy specialist photography or video equipment any more. For something that fits snugly in your pocket, it takes some beating – last year the sitcom Modern Family shot a whole episode with the iPhone 6, just to prove it could be done.

Compared to the lush landscapes of last year, the rebooted campaign has a heavy focus on portrait photography this time around. The billboard ads will run in 85 different cities, covering 26 countries in total. You can check out some of the newest shots at TIME, and if last year’s template is anything to go by, Apple will be updating its World Gallery any day now with a whole host of incredible photos and videos.