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TV show ‘Modern Family’ to air episode shot on iPhone

Every now and then you’ll see a short film, or even something longer form pointing out that the entire thing was shot on an iPhone – and while this is impressive, it’s mostly impressive because it’s something we couldn’t have done a few years ago.

But now, iPhone camera technology is so strong, that major network television is getting in on the deal, as if to prove a point.

It’s been revealed that an episode of ABC’s Modern Family – due to air on Feb. 25, will be shot almost entirely on the iPhone.

The episode is titled ‘Connection Lost’ and begins via a laptop screen. It features character Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen), waiting for a flight. Eventually texts, emails, and FaceTime video chats take over – which will all be shown on screen.

“Everything was shot on the iPhone 6 or new iPads,” said show co-creator and executive producer Steve Levitan. “With one or two small scenes shot using MacBook Pros.”

Modern Family is currently airing its sixth season on Wednesday nights on ABC.

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