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Apple Watch: Big name apps flock to the wearable

Apple Watch support is increasing. Just this week some big names have updated their apps to include support for Apple’s brand new wearable device.

Here’s a lowdown on the latest apps with Watch support:

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A key feature to the Watch is its at-a-glance functionality, so it’s no surprise that news organizations will be sending their latest headlines to the device. Here’s some of the key names:

2000px-Associated_Press_logo_2012.svg-1Associated Press: AP’s Apple Watch support includes breaking news notifications, while users can also use force touch to save stories to their iPhone. Get the AP app on the iPhone.

ABC News: Their’s glance support for breaking US and global news in the latest update, but users can also drill down into wider categories like entertainment and health. Get the ABC News app on the iPhone.

CNN: Again there’s brief breaking headlines, and other categories that can be individualized. The CNN update also allows users to tap to save the story to the phone. Get the CNN app on the iPhone.

That’s not all – other news organizations that are getting in on the Apple Watch include Bloomberg, The Guardian, The Economist, The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, and loads more.

Presentations via the Watch

Microsoft Powerpoint: The widely used Powerpoint software has also seen its iOS app updated with Watch support. Users can use their Watch as a remote to control their presentation. But it’s not just a novelty clicker; it will also show presentation progress, time passed, slide numbers and more via the Watch’s display.

However, presently the Watch can only control Powerpoint on iOS, not on OS X. Get Powerpoint on iOS.

Health support

The Watch’s focus on health and fitness has been well document, so it’s no surprise that these types of apps are ramping up support for the smartwatch. The latest is:

One Drop: It’s also a brand new app for managing diabetes. One Drop has just launched, with Watch support, and provides both a dashboard for monitoring glucose, insulin and activity levels, and a community angle. Users can share insights, and best-practice with other users. Get the iPhone app now.


Finance apps

Call Levels: Real-time Financial monitoring app for investments also has Watch support. In the app, various alerts can be set for hundreds of equities. Call Levels allows users to set up push notifications for when prices hit a user-set price – these notifications will be viewable on the Apple Watch.

Wallaby: The credit card management app has recently launched and will feature Watch support. It works by allowing users to access credit card information – it also uses its database of more than 2,500 credit card profiles to allow users to get the most out of their rewards programmes by using location information to give unbiased recommendations on which credit card to use for purchases. Get Wallaby in the App Store! (US only).


The iPhone apps listed above are available now, and their companion apps for the Watch will be available from the official Watch ‘launch’, this Friday (24 April).

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