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Apple Watch to feature ‘Power Reserve’ mode

Less than a week before Apple’s next big media event – due to take place on Monday 9 March – an Apple developer has revealed a new feature of the upcoming Apple Watch. Power Reserve mode will keep the device’s basic functionality intact on low energy with very little battery power remaining.

Speaking to the New York Times, the anonymous employee explained that Power Reserve mode should ensure that the vital timekeeping functions of the watch will still work even if all else fails. When a critically low battery percentage is reached, the basic watch face will be displayed with all other features disabled.

The expected battery life of the Apple Watch has been a big talking point so far, with rumours stating it will require a nightly charge and only survive a couple of hours of intense usage. Power Reserve mode comes as a welcome sign of intent that Apple don’t want their customers stuck with a watch that can’t even tell the time. Nobody wants to be lumbered with a dead, useless gadget on their arm all afternoon.

In theory, this feature means that long after you’re done messing with power-hungry watch apps, you will still be able to tell somebody the time without a reported $499+ of egg on your face. Or wrist, for that matter.

The watch is expected to be officially unveiled at the event on Monday, with an expected global release date of April 2015.

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