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Apple Watch microsite reveals new details

Apple’s microsite for its first wearable – the Apple Watch – has been updated, and now features information on how the device will operate in regards to Timekeeping, connection, and health and fitness.

Previously, the site only gave details on the Watch’s design and technology – such as the two different sizings (38mm and 42 mm), its materials, and the plethora of different watch straps that are available. It also focused on the device’s ‘Digital Crown’, the wheel on the side that is traditionally used to set time and date, is a key function in operating the Watch.

In the Timekeeping section, it explains that the Watch will be connected to your calendar, so “in addition to showing you the time, Apple Watch actually understands what time means to you. It helps you be more productive and efficient. So you get more out of every moment.”

It also shows the incredible variation and customization that can be employed, from simple backdrops, to even customizing whether a user would want numbers on their watch face, and how many.

Apple - Apple Watch - Timekeeping

Apple has posted new information about the Apple Watch’s functionality

The site’s section on ‘new ways to connect’ isn’t just the usual SMS, email, etc. – it also includes a few quirkier ways to contact people, from sending recording and sending your heart rate, to drawing sketches – it seems that you can send people almost anything.

This section also describes how owners of the Watch can hold quick conversations by using the built-in speaker and microphone, with seamless transfer to the iPhone for longer conversations.

Take phone calls on the Apple Watch

Take phone calls on the Apple Watch

The Health and Fitness section describes how the Watch will track activity, and, well. By using an app called Activity.

According to the text, it’s designed to track, motivate, and alert you to goals or milestones. The idea here appears to be seamless tracking and monitoring.

Health information will be tracked by 'Activity'

Health information will be tracked by ‘Activity’

Apple recently released its Watchkit to developers to start creating software for the device. Its arrival is currently expected in the spring.

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