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Apple Watch reaches celebrities – Pharrell shows his off on The Voice

Apple has made its intentions pretty clear when it comes to the Apple Watch: it’s as much a fashion accessory as it is a tech gadget.

This was demonstrated expertly on The Voice US (on which Pharrell is a judge) last night when one man music-machine Pharrell Williams showed off his very own Apple Watch on the show.

He didn’t specifically get it out and pass it around the other judges like some kind of bizarre show and tell (though that would have been hilarious), but he did lift his wrist up a number of times – just to ensure the Watch was in shot at least a couple of times, though how intentional this was is up for debate.

But it was enough to get the attention of a number of viewers who then posted the observation to Twitter.

Pharrell Williams showing off his Apple Watch. Image:  Twitter/jenzfc

Pharrell Williams showing off his Apple Watch. Image: Twitter/jenzfc

Apple’s focus on the fashion element of the Watch has been evident not only in its variety (three separate editions with multiple strap combinations), it’s pricing (from $349 to $17,000), but also in Apple’s own in-store choices. This has included special training for employees, as well as specific in-house fashion advisors.

Furthermore, potential purchasers won’t be simply queuing up on launch day as per the iconic lines at the launch of each new iPhone. Instead, buyers have to make an appointment online, and it’s doubtful much, if any additional stock will be available in-store.

This is to allow users to try the device out, as it’s as much a part of their image, as it is a tool for everyday life.

Pharrell’s stainless steel, white Sport band-ed accessory proved that the Watch is already making its way to celebrities to ensure a level of invaluable exposure right around the pre-order release date of the timepiece.


A video posted by Pharrell Williams (@pharrell) on

Pharrell also posted a video of him using the Watch to Instagram

It’s also a change of priority for Apple – though they usually send out review units of other products (like the iPhone) to tech websites in order to give them plenty of time to secure reviews, it’s still unclear how many units will go out for the Watch.

However, what we do know is that fashion publications are going to get a huge presence when it comes to this, and if this latest reveal is anything to go by, units could be winging their way to more celebrities right now.

The Watch is barely days away from the pre-order date of April 10, while the Watch itself will be released on April 24.

Tim Cook also recently revealed that 1,000 apps had now been released to the Watch store

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