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Apple will offer free AirPods battery replacements under warranty

Apple has updated its iPhone Service Pricing webpage to include its new wireless headphones; AirPods. It reveals that, as with the iPhone, if the device is within Apple’s standard one-year warranty, or the user has AppleCare, then the battery will be replaced for free. However, if it is out of warranty, it will cost $49. Conversely, an Apple battery out of warranty costs $79.

It’s not clear, but it certainly appears that Apple is treating the AirPods as an extension to a users device. Of course, without the device, they’d have little use for them – but it does suggest a user’s existing iPhone AppleCare covers the Pods.


The AirPods battery is essentially its case. The case is charged via a cable, and the AirPods sit within the case. The casing provides a total of 24 hours of charge.

AirPods were released earlier this week, after they were first announced as a “breakthrough in wireless design,” at the iPhone 7 launch event in September.

AirPods can be ordered today for $159/$159 from Apple.comRead more about AppleCare.

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