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Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program now available online

At last year’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch, Apple announced a new program allowing users to trade in their device each year in order to upgrade to the latest model without being stuck on a traditional network-contracted two-year cycle.

The program was initially only available in-store, but now Apple has finally extended the program to its online store.

The news will no doubt be a revelation to Apple customers that don’t live near a bricks and mortar store. From this week, they’ll be able to find the option online by following the process of buying a new iPhone. Now, when customers get to the options for choosing carrier, contract, or full purchase of the device, there’s now a new option to sign-up for the iPhone Upgrade Program. In fact, it’s the default option.

It costs from $32.41 per month to sign up for the program. That’ll get you an entry-level 16GB iPhone 6s. Or, you can pay $36.58 per month for the same storage option on a Plus model. Prices ramp up from there based on the storage option you’re after.

To many, that will still sound like a significant cost, especially when factoring in the cost customers will still have to pay for carrier service. However, participants also get AppleCare+ protection – that’s coverage for two incidents of accidental damage. If you’re accident prone it’s a pretty hefty bonus.

The program is available online now, though note it is currently a US-only program, while for some reason T-Mobile customers are still required to go in-store to access the program.

Head to Apple’s online store to access the iPhone Upgrade Program