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Apple’s own Metaverse: mixed-reality OS almost ready

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It feels like we’ve been talking about Apple’s rumored mixed-reality headset for years. Oh wait, that’s because we have. But despite Apple’s best efforts to remain quiet on the subject, it’s clear they’re up to something.

Multiple sources now expect some kind of Apple headset to appear on the scene next year, with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reporting that a mixed-reality operating system, codenamed Oak OS, is almost complete. This framework would allow users to control and explore a 3D world that combines virtual elements (VR) with real-world augmentations (AR), hence the “mixed reality” phrase.

Apple seems to be ramping up for the next stage of development, which presumably consists of making a bunch of content for the headset. It looks as though Apple is planning some kind of competitor to the “Metaverse”, although we’re certain Apple will take a significantly different approach to Facebook/Meta.

Either way, the company is certainly hiring experts in the field to build experiences for the headset. Job listings have been spotted for various “3D application space” roles, to build out human interface designs for everything from video playback to games. Apple is also reportedly re-hiring a former executive to work on the headset, whose skillset might indicate a healthcare element at play too.

We’re excited to see what Apple has in store in this space, although it’s likely to be very expensive tech on release. Hopefully it won’t be too long into 2023 before we get something official on the subject from Apple, but until then we’ll continue to imagine what its version of the Metaverse will look like.