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Apple’s started selling refurbished versions of its latest fourth-gen Apple TV

If you want to pick up a nearly new fourth-generation Apple TV straight from Apple itself at a knocked down price, it’s worth checking out the newly refurbished units which have just turned up on Apple’s online store.

The units are going for 13-15% off their regular price, depending on the model. A $149 32GB box can be picked up for $129 and a $199 64GB unit is $169. That’s a saving of between $20-30. Not bad.

The Apple TV 4 was released back in October 2015, so there are second-hand units out there for less, but buying directly from Apple does have its benefits, and a refurb unit is a decent compromise between brand-new and second-hand.

Furthermore, refurb units are covered by Apple’s one-year limited warranty, and its 14-day returns policy.

The fourth-generation of the Apple TV was released last year to decent reviews, and came with a brand new TV-based App Store, and a new touchpad remote that enables users to play a huge range of games and use a variety of apps on their TVs.

If you fancy picking up a refurbished Apple TV 4 – follow this link to the online Apple store.

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