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Apple’s wireless Airpods get $10 tether ensuring it’s no longer totally wireless

When it comes to Apple products there’s seemingly an accessory for everything – whether it’s directly from Apple (think the Lightning to headphone jack dongle arriving with the iPhone 7) or a third-party manufacturer (all those millions of cases), but who saw this one coming? One plucky Amazon seller has just listed a tether for Apple’s forthcoming totally wireless Airpods, ensuring that the $159 tech-heavy earbuds will once again be very much non-wireless.

The ‘Airpods Strap’, by Spigen, is currently listed on Amazon, priced at $10 and available from October 17th.


Apple unveiled its new set of completely wireless Airpods at the iPhone 7 announcement in San Francisco earlier this month. They’ll be priced at $159 and released sometimes in October, after the iPhone 7’s release on September 16.

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