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Back in black: Apple touts its favorite dark mode apps

iPhone and iPad users have been clamoring for a “dark mode” for years – it’s one of the most-requested features of iOS. Dark mode, if you’re not familiar, would switch the color scheme of all the system menus to black to provide an experience that’s clearer and easier on the eyes at night. Despite bringing the feature to Macs this year Apple has declined to include an official dark mode in iOS.

Dark mode for macOS looks great

The lack of official dark mode support has led many developers to build their own dark modes into their apps. And, strangely enough, Apple’s editorial team over at the App Store has recently ranked its favorites. So despite no official plans for a true dark mode, Apple seems happy to promote the idea.

Some of our favorite apps made the list, including BearOvercast, Reeder, and Halide. They all look great in both dark and light modes, and we appreciate the versatility. No more bright interfaces keeping you awake if you use your device at bedtime.

You can press here for the full list of dark mode recommendations straight from the App Store.

Does Apple embracing third-party implementations of dark mode mean there’s a first-party solution coming soon? There’s been no mention of dark mode for iOS 12, but with a big iPhone reveal coming in September there’s still time for Apple to change track and add something later this year.