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BeatsX release date confirmed – Apple’s cheaper W1 chip-enabled headphones will arrive this Friday

Delayed BeatsX headphones have been revealed to unveil at Apple Stores and online on Friday February 10.

The headphones are the latest Apple headphones to feature the W1 chip, behind the Powerbeats3, Solo3, and Apple AirPods. The headphones have been delayed a number of times since their announcement at the iPhone 7 launch event last September.

The headphones will also come in two new colors; grey and blue, joining the familiar white and black finishes. However, the new colors won’t be available this Friday and will arrive later. The headphones have an 8-hour battery life, a fast fuel option allowing 2 hours of playback on only five minutes of charge, and they can also be charged using a Lightning cable.

They also feature a neckband design, meaning the two buds are connected by a cord and can rest on the neck when not in use. Users will also benefit from not losing individual earbuds, which can be a risk with the Apple AirPods.

The W1 chip means they can connect to an Apple device using one-step pairing, just like the AirPods, except the BeatsX retail for $10 less than the AirPods. They will be on sale for $149.

It’s been confirmed that the headphones will go on sale in the US this Friday, but other markets are yet to be confirmed. However, it’s likely that the BeatsX headphones will receive a wider release on the same day.

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