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British Prime Minister bans Apple Watch from Cabinet meetings over hacking fears

It may have been allowed in meetings during the tenure of former British Prime Minister David Cameron, but following his resignation in June, successor Theresa May has put a ban on Apple’s Smartwatch over security fears.

According to British newspaper, The Telegraph, ministers within the government have been told they can’t wear their Apple Watch during high level meetings due to concerns that Russian spies could hack them, and use them to listen in.

Similarly, an iPhone, and mobile phones in general are already banned – the same reasons cited.

The article goes on to note that the concerns stem from previous hacks recently, including individuals obtaining private emails from the Democratic National Congress in the US, while Russian hackers were also able to gain medical files from famous athletes.

However, this won’t have been the first time an Apple Watch has caused disruption during Cabinet meetings in the UK – the report also notes that, Michael Gove, while present in one meeting accidentally pressed a wrong button on his Watch while checking his emails, causing it to start playing a Beyonce song. Oh dear.

And for those still wondering, the song was, of course, ‘Irreplaceable.’

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