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Buy an iOS or Mac device before 2013? Apple’s just opened up its iWork apps for all

Apple’s productivity suite known as iWork used to come at a price – but since 2013, apps including Pages, Keynote, and Numbers were available to any user buying a new device for free.

But for those on older devices, the apps still required a purchase. However, Apple has now made those apps free for all. So, if you’re still on an older device, why not give Apple’s suite of powerful apps a go?

It also applies to Apple’s music-making app Garageband, and video-editing app iMovie.

For those that haven’t used Apple’s iWork apps before, Pages is a word processor, Keynote is a digital presentation tool, and Numbers is a spreadsheet creation app. They can loosely be tracked to Microsoft Office’s Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

While it’s not clear why Apple continued to charge users with older devices – perhaps to encourage new hardware purchases – it makes sense now to open it up to all legacy devices considering the majority of its userbase can now access these without payment.

If you’re on a device launched prior to 2013, or if you’ve never used the apps, you can download them onto your device using the links below:

Pages [Link]
Keynote [Link]
Numbers [Link]
GarageBand [Link]
iMovie [Link]

Mac OS users with a computer made before 2013 can also access these apps for free – they can be found via the Mac App Store.