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Cheaper third-gen Apple TV finally discontinued – latest Siri-powered TV now only available model

Apple has stopped selling its third-generation Apple TV set-top box, meaning the only TV device now available is last year’s Siri-powered fourth generation update.

With most of Apple’s projects, they continue supporting or selling the previous generation up until a new model – an example being the iPhone 6s, which is still sold in retail stores and online. However, the discontinuation of the admittedly aging third generation model means the only available option for Apple fans to turn their TV into a smart, Apple-centric device, is the very latest model.

Apple had already begun phasing out the model in its retail stores in September, after four years of it being on sale.

In reality, it’s a smart move for both Apple and consumers. The launch of the fourth generation towards the end of 2015 provided a huge leap in functionality between the two models, adding Siri support with a voice-enabled remote, and significantly, a brand new App Store, featuring universal apps and games. That meant users that already purchased a game on an iPhone could potentially jump straight in and start using it on the TV.

However, for those that simply wished for Airplay functionality, or to watch movies from iTunes – plus a few additional built-in apps, the third-gen model was good enough and provided a far reduced option. Though it is worth noting Apple continues to sell refurbished models of its third-generation Apple TV – they’re currently priced at $59 on Apple’s online store.

As for the Apple TV fourth generation – the box comes in two configurations: 32GB priced at $149 and 64GB priced at $199.

The Apple TV 4 is available to buy in retail stores and Apple’s online store.