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Check it out: the case that returns the headphone jack to the iPhone 7 (and adds another Lightning port)

If the world wasn’t already aware the iPhone 7 wouldn’t have a headphone jack before it was announced, it’s certainly aware now. The decision has been divisive, though seemingly it’s had little impact on the iPhone 7’s initial popularity, despite causing a little trepidation in initial reviews.

Apple’s known for dropping technology from its products that it considers inferior – but it doesn’t stop third-party manufacturers from creating products that fill the resulting hole. Enter: the new Daptr case.

As you can see from the image above, it’ll give users access to a 3.5mm headphone jack once more, while also adding an additional Lightning input which would allow users to listen to audio using Lightning headphones, while also charging the device – something the iPhone 7 can’t do with its singular Lightning input.

Whether the case will ever come to fruition is still up for debate. The website’s promo images leave a little to be desired, but users wanting to pick one up can join the waiting list – the case is supposedly going to be available from December, priced at $49.

It’ll be available in iPhone 7 matching gold, rose gold, silver, black and jet black, with a clear back. Join the waiting list here.