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Coachella’s biggest iPhone thief caught thanks to ‘Find my iPhone’

How the safety feature built into iOS prevented grand theft iPhone this week

The festival scene is not a good place to get lax with your possessions. Many smartphones are stolen each year at Coachella, but this year one of the most prolific festival crooks was caught red-handed with around 130 stolen smartphones – all thanks to Find My iPhone.


Find My iPhone makes it easy to track your devices

Police noticed a trend of devices going missing from a particular tent at the festival, and managed to work with iPhone users to track down the culprit. Find My iPhone is a feature that lets users track a lost device, or wipe its data remotely if they think it’s gone for good. The predominantly young, tech-savvy crowd at Coachella were able to activate the feature in droves via, which helped pinpoint the thief.

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This story really highlights the importance of activating these security features, and is a strong reminder to do so if you haven’t already. Find My iPhone is a brilliant way to track a lost or stolen device – you can also use it to remotely lock users out of the phone and display a “lost message” complete with alternative phone number right from the lock screen. And despite the feature’s name, you can use it to track any Apple device, not just iPhones.

It only takes a minute – what are you waiting for?