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Is this the end of the Genius Bar logo?

gb_v1_0Apple’s retail stores have gone through a number of design tweaks over the years – but generally, they’re just that – small changes to an essentially stainless-steel-led design.

But there’s another element of Apple’s retail experience that has graced Apple Store’s since the first opened in 2001: The Genius Bar.

However, it seems that Apple has begun to remove the Genius Bar logo from its stores – it’s Corte Madera store in Northern California is the most recent to lose the logo.

Instead, the stores are displaying wall graphics, back-lit on a white board.

Considering the logo – which features three electrons that makes up an atom – was first employed to guide Apple users to the part of the store where they could help, the concept may perhaps now be so ubiquitous, the logo isn’t necessary – particularly as the location of Genius Bar’s have become a little more prominent in recent years, and not always tucked away.

Check out the photo below to see how the store looks without the Genius Bar logo. Photo via ifo Apple Store.

This Apple store in Corte Madera has removed the Genius Bar logo

This Apple store in Corte Madera has removed the Genius Bar logo

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