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Everyday Experiments – Apple shows off awesome camera tricks

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Apple has released a video showcasing some techniques you can use to capture amazing cinematic shots with nothing but your iPhone and some low-budget household items.

The five-minute video experiments with filming an action-packed chase with remote control cars, a magical landscape with groceries, and a vintage monster movie with dogs. Each of them utilizes features of the iPhone camera, such as optical image stabilization for moving shots and Cinematic Mode for shooting miniatures.

It’s packed with ideas and inspiration for getting creative with your camera, including tips for editing your videos with the filters and controls in Photos and iMovie.

Check out the video below if that sounds interesting.

Shot on iPhone 13 | Everyday Experiments: Hollywood at Home

Though the video is intended to promote iPhone 13 and its fancy new cameras, most of the effects shown here are practical and could be achieved with almost any iPhone. Slow-motion capture has been really impressive for a long time, and that’s the most-used effect in this video. That said, the latest and greatest is necessary if you want to drop focus using Cinematic Mode.