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Facebook iOS app updates – now supports Apple’s Live Photos

Facebook has released an update and it supports Apple’s Live Photos. Well, for some.

The update allows users to upload and view Live Photos within the iOS app. However, Facebook hasn’t yet rolled out support universally. While TechCrunch has reported that some users can see them now, others won’t be able to see them until next year.

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Live Photos were introduced by Apple alongside the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus back in September 2015. Few services support the format, though popular blogging platform Tumblr began support earlier in December.

To create a Live Photo, users with the newer devices have to check the concentric circles icon within the Camera app, then, when a photo is taken, the phone captures a second and a half either side of pressing the shutter button, and a three second video clip with audio will be created around the still image.

Guide: How to capture a Live Photo

Users that are able to upload these to Facebook will find that the process of uploading is very similar – the only difference is that when uploading an image from Camera Roll that’s a Live Photo, a box saying ‘LIVE’ appears in the bottom right of the screen. If a user taps it, the photo will be uploaded as a live clip, seen below:


Though Live Photos can only be captured on Apple’s latest devices, any phone running Facebook on iOS 9 (iPhone 4s and later) can view them.

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