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Facebook Jobs – new section to iOS app will help users find a new job

Facebook is launching a new jobs section – positioning itself in the space LinkedIn has supposedly neglected.

Facebook says its apps will feature a new section where users can apply to jobs. Application forms will be pre-populated with information from the user’s Facebook profile, which can be edited before applying.

However, TechCrunch has said the app looks to focus on part-time or hourly jobs:

“That’s where LinkedIn has fallen short. It’s become a destination for purposeful job seekers looking for medium- and high-skilled roles… LinkedIn’s focus on your resume and education might have made them hesitant to sign up, and it’s not designed for applying to lots of jobs en masse. And unless you’re unemployed or actively seeking a new job, you might not have a reason to visit LinkedIn.”

The app will be rolling out in the US and Canada in the next few weeks, and will likely spread further afield in the future.

See users talking about the feature in the video demo below: