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Facebook Messenger launches airline bot – get flight information in one thread

Facebook has launched an airline bot within its Messenger application.

Revealed in an announcement, KLM airlines was also unveiled as its first partner. It means that Messenger users flying with KLM anytime soon will be able to receive their flight confirmation message, access boarding passes, receive check-in reminders, get flight status updates, and get answers to customer service questions from within the iPhone or iPad app.

To gain access, users have to specifically choose to receive information via Messenger when they book tickets through an airline’s website. The bot will then send all information accessible via Facebook. The video below demonstrates how it works.

Facebook said the new service will roll out from Mar. 30 with its reach extending globally in the coming days and weeks. KLM has posted more information about the app on its website and it’s expected more airlines will be added as the service grows. Pretty neat!