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Flappy Bird creator might have some trouble bringing his game back…

The wildly popular Flappy Bird iOS game which spawned an App Store gold rush on the concept after creator Dong Nguyen deleted the original in February could potentially face an uphill struggle in its planned comeback.

Recently, Nguyen indicated that he’d be bringing the game back after initially deleting it saying it “causes addiction (in) people”.

However, according to Venture Beat, bringing the game back might not be easy. Apple’s developer documentation notes that if you delete your app you can’t restore it, having forfeited your right to the game’s name.

Big plans

The name Flappy Bird was registered by Mobile Media Partners just a few hours after Nguyen deleted it. Apparently, they have big plans for it.
The company, which previously released ‘Crashy Birds’ already has a trademark pending on the original name – but Venture Beat points out that if Nguyen already had a trademark he could prevent them from releasing the game.

However, according to Apple’s guidelines, he still wouldn’t be able to release it under the original name.

Mobile Media Partners chief executive Chris Langbein told Venture Beat: “We’ve tried to reach out to him. It’s hard to get a true story from him about what transpired. Everyone read different reasons as to why he pulled it.”

The saga continues…