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Get the first episode of new Walking Dead game for free – just 2 weeks after launch

The long-running Walking Dead game by Telltale is a great example of how to tell a narrative story within a game. The popular AMC channel made the jump to mobile a couple of years ago and featured new characters within a separate story in the same world.

Just a couple of weeks ago Telltale released the next Walking Dead narrative game titled A New Frontier. And in a surprise move, they’ve just made the first episode of the game totally free.

Previously priced at $4.99, it generally takes a good few months before we see a sniff of a sale. It’s supposedly for a limited time only – and episode 2 is still only accessible by IAP, but if you want to get stuck into the game right now for free – have at it.

Download The Walking Dead: A New Frontier free of charge on the App Store right now.

Check out the game in the video below: