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HealthKit and Health announced at WWDC 2014

HealthKit will allow accessory makers to ditch companion apps in iOS 8

iOS 8’s HealthKit – the platform that allows developers to connect to the forthcoming Health app – will support some Bluetooth accessories natively, which means that iPhone users won’t need to download additional companion apps.

The app, which was announced this week at WWDC 2014 acts as a central location where users can store and share health data from various third-party apps.

However, thanks to Bluetooth support for some accessories, Apple is allowing these manufacturers of products that could include blood pressure monitors or a wearable device like Fitbit Flex, to skip the process of making a separate companion app for the product.

Instead, HealthKit will be able to connect to the device and operate it instead.

The advantage to users is that accessory manufacturers that previously invested resources into the companion app could potentially redirect them back into the development of the hardware.

Users will also benefit from not having to pay if accessory manufacturers charged for a companion app, and would also avoid clutter from apps that would otherwise have to be downloaded.

Source: 9to5Mac