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Huawei smartphone with Force Touch beats iPhone 6s to the punch

Exactly a week before a new line of iPhones is set to be unveiled, Chinese telecoms company Huawei stole a march on Apple by showing off a smartphone with Force Touch capabilities.

Force Touch is the pressure-sensitive screen technology first used as a new input device in the Apple Watch and Macbook trackpads. At the IFA trade show in Berlin, Huawei demoed its new Mate S smartphone by weighing an orange on the screen. Seriously. The phone also boasts the ability to differentiate a fingertip from a knuckle – allowing for some interesting new input methods.


Literally comparing Apples to oranges…

Apple’s previous implementations of Force Touch have also incorporated its ‘Taptic engine’ technology to provide physical onscreen feedback to simulate vibrations, gentle taps or a familiar clicking sensation. Whether this feature will have any place on the iPhone 6s remains to be seen, but it certainly isn’t a capability of Huawei’s latest phone.

So an Android phone has already implemented the new technology widely expected to be part of the iPhone 6s. We highly doubt it will phase the Cupertino giants, but wouldn’t it be great to see Tim Cook weighing an Apple onstage in reply?

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