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iOS 11 released! Update now for new features

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Apple has just publicly released the latest version of iOS, meaning users can update their iPhones and iPad for free to take advantage of all the latest software features and security improvements of iOS 11.

If you want a reminder of all the new features and redesigns coming with this latest update, take a look through our full iOS 11 recap from WWDC earlier this year.

One of the most exciting additions is ARKit, which allows developers to create amazingly powerful Augmented Reality apps. These will start populating the App Store this week, but you’ll need iOS 11 to try them out.

Even if you’re not too concerned about AR or getting the latest features, it’s always wise to update as soon as possible for the security updates and bug fixes included in each major iOS release.

iOS 11 is compatible with every iPhone since the 5s, including the iPhone SE. It also works on any iPad Pro or Air, plus the 5th generation iPad and every iPad mini except the first one. Even the 6th-gen iPod can run it.

To get iOS 11, open the Settings app and tap General followed by Software Update. Then simply follow the instructions to download and install iOS 11.

It’s generally a good idea to back up your device before a big iOS update, to ensure your data is safe in case anything goes wrong – the easiest way to do this is using iCloud Backup in Settings.