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iOS 15 issues – reports of touchscreen problems

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Apple just released its latest batch of iPhones, and with them a free software update to iOS 15 for all users. But the launch hasn’t gone quite as well as hoped, with various issues being reported by users around the world.

Chief among reported problems is an intermittent touch issue that stops the device responding to taps on the screen. Users posting on Reddit, Twitter, and Apple Support variously say they’ve had to either reboot the device to fix the issue or settle for tapping multiple times to elicit a response from the screen. Not ideal.

At first, it seemed as though this could be a big hardware problem for Apple, which could even require an iPhone 13 recall to fix. But thankfully it seems like a software issue instead, which is (in theory) much easier to sort out. We know this because users of older iPhones are also complaining about the same issue after upgrading to iOS 15.

That’s not all that’s been plaguing users of iOS 15, either. Despite a bunch of new features that we’d recommend diving into, there are still a few rogue bugs you should watch out for including storage full errors and Safari crashes. You can see a list of reported issues here, though we’re pleased to report there seem to be fewer bugs than we saw at the release of iOS 14 this time last year.

If you’re experiencing problems like the touch screen issue above, rest assured Apple is said to be working on a solution right now with iOS 15.1 – which will likely be released to the public in early October. But if things are really bad it may be worth starting a support ticket with Apple Support to see if they can help in the meantime.