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iOS 15 Top Tips – don’t miss out on these features

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At the start of the week, Apple finally released iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 to the public. There’s a lot to dig into with the new update and if you’re not a complete Apple nerd you’d be forgiven for missing some of the changes.

Below, you’ll find links to web versions of all our favorite new iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 tips. It’s a great overview of what’s new and improved – if you don’t have time to read them all, we’d recommend at least getting familiar with the all-new Focus Mode and the controversial new layout in Safari.

Then, if you’re reading on iPad, head to the end of this article for an update on the iPad-specific changes you should know.

Enjoy these VIP tips, and rest assured we’ll be launching a full content update in the new few days to update the existing guides in the All Tips section too.

What’s new?


Notification Summary: Schedule A Daily Briefing

Focus Mode: Prioritize Your Time And Attention

Next Steps

Health Tracking: Monitor And Share Health Data


Refining FaceTime: Improve Your Audio And Video

SharePlay: Watch Together Over FaceTime


Shared With You: Highlighting Media You’ve Been Sent


App Privacy Report: Who’s Accessing Your Data?

Tracking Permissions: Ask Apps Not To Track You

Nutrition Labels: See How Much Data Apps Want


Never Feature This Person: Hide Faces You Don’t Want To See

Live Text: Read Text Within Photographs

Visual Lookup: Learn About Your Photo Subjects


Address Bar: Choose Which Style You Prefer

Safari Extensions: Level Up Your Browsing


iCloud+: Apple’s Premium Cloud Service


Quick Sharing: Siri Understands Context


Immersive Directions: Augmented Reality Walking Guide


Per-App Settings: Custom Rules For Each App


Drag And Drop: Move Items Between Apps

iPad-only changes

Multitasking: Use Two Apps At Once

App Library: Where Your Apps Call Home

Quick Notes: Jot Your Thoughts Instantly