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iOS 17.0.3 released: software fix for overheating iPhones

Fewer than three weeks have passed since iOS 17 was released, and yet Apple has already released three further updates. While iOS 17.0.1 and 17.0.2 patched up security vulnerabilities, this latest update – iOS 17.0.3 – addresses the overheating issues that have plagued iPhone 15 and 15 Pro owners.

Apple says the overheating is caused by software issues, not hardware, with a combination of iOS 17 bugs and poorly-optimized third-party apps to blame. If you’ve experienced Hot iPhone Syndrome, be sure to grab this latest release, and be sure to update all your other apps too.

Though the majority of overheating reports are related to the latest and greatest models, we’d advise grabbing the software update even on older devices. Apple is always vague with these releases, but it claims the update also includes “important bug fixes and security updates” that are likely relevant to all users. Forbes reports that iOS 17.0.3 fixes a security flaw that would allow an “adversary to elevate their privileges,” and a second flaw that could “execute code,” neither of which sound good. Keeping on top of software updates is the best way to stay safe.

Note that even with Automatic Updates switched on in Settings, it’s often faster to manually trigger the update process. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to check for the latest version of iOS, and App Store > Account to see which apps are due an update.

Of course, if you haven’t upgraded to iOS 17 at all yet, this is a good chance to do so. There are a ton of new features to explore, and it works on all the same devices that could run iOS 16 last year!