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Apple fixes undisclosed bugs with iOS 17.2.1 update

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Hot on the heels of a feature-packed iOS 17.2 comes yet another software update, version 17.2.1. These smaller updates tend to fix bugs and vulnerabilities rather than add new features, which seems to be the case here. But unusually, Apple hasn’t actually listed what’s changed with this release.

It might be that Apple has crushed an embarrassing bug it doesn’t wish to specify, or fixed something so boring and technical that it’s pointless to attempt to explain it.

Perhaps more likely is that Apple wants to close a security hole without letting slip to bad actors that it ever existed. Often when these vulnerabilities are discovered, the patch notes vaguely describe what has been fixed, without going into the kind of detail that might aid hackers. But here, is Apple going a step further and not admitting there was a problem at all?

One final twist to the tale: Apple has simultaneously released an update for older devices that can’t run iOS 17. If you have an iPhone from the 8 or X series, you’ll instead find iOS 16.7.4 waiting, with patch notes that do specify a particular bug: one that stops built-in apps from being deleted and then restored. Maybe iOS 17.2.1 fixes the same thing and they simply forgot to copy over the description?

We may never know. Apple’s security support page certainly isn’t telling. But as ever, we’d recommend installing the latest release to keep things running smoothly. You wouldn’t want to be caught out by a mystery bug or security flaw that could have been avoided with a quick update.

Note that even with Automatic Updates switched on in Settings, it’s often faster to manually trigger the update process. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to check for the latest version of iOS.