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iOS 8.2 released with Apple Watch Support

Apple has released the next iteration of its iOS operating system.

The minor update – iOS 8.2 – largely centers around Apple Watch support, otherwise, it’s mostly bug fixes and some tweaks to the Health system.

The Apple Watch was officially given a release date yesterday at a live event hosted by Apple.

During the event Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed iOS 8.2 would be released immediately and would contain a new Apple Watch app, which acts to pair a Watch and an iPhone, provide how-to and promotional videos, and include an App Store specifically for Watch.

The app is native, and can’t be removed from iOS once 8.2 is installed.

The Watch app is native and build into iOS as of 8.2

This has led some to say that the functionality could have easily been integrated into the existing App Store. It’s also being seen as particularly intrusive, as no matter how hopeful Apple may be, a majority of its iPhone users are unlikely to own an Apple Watch as well for the foreseeable future.

Some have gone as far as to called it an Apple Watch ad that’s been forced onto the home screen.

The app is used to pair the Watch with an iPhone

The app is used to pair the Watch with an iPhone

Of course, anyone planning to purchase a Watch will need to download iOS 8.2 (though not necessarily before April 10 – Watch release day), as the device will only work with a connection to an iPhone running iOS 8.2.

For everyone else, the update is minor and more detailed updates are expected in iOS 8.3 and 8.4 over the next few months.

It’s believed the former will include wireless CarPlay support and a new emoji keyboard, while the latter may include a new music-streaming service based on the Beats Music app.

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