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iOS 8 Beta 4 released by Apple – features minor tweaks

August is fast approaching and development of iOS 8 is advancing at pace with the release of iOS 8 Beta 4 to developers, which came with some minor tweaks.

Control Center has received quite a major design change with each section now clearly demarcated. It’s also easier to tell when options have been enabled as the icons are now completely filled in. A similar change has made it’s way into Notification Center with the ‘Clear’ button now becoming opaque and clearer.

Each section is now easier to tell apart in Control Center

Each section has been clearly individualized in the Control Center

Talking to Siri or dictating a message can be frustrating but another new feature looks to solve the problem. Instead of processing all your speech at once, the screen now updates live to show what you’ve said. This will allow you to notice any errors as you speak and quickly correct. There’s still no offline dictation available though, but Apple are supposedly testing this.

There have been a few minor tweaks throughout the OS as well. Wallpapers now has a specific section in the Settings app while Display & Brightness allows you to change text size. It will also be possible to tweak the quick delete option in the Mail app as well as the new Tips app as mentioned at WWDC.


Display & Brightness now holds text size options

Display & Brightness now holds text size options

The development of iOS 8 has been going at quite a pace, with new beta released roughly every two weeks. Last year saw Apple release six betas of iOS 7 before the Gold Master was made available to developers on September 10, 2013 before the public received it on September 18.

It is expected that iOS 8 will reach the public around a similar date in 2014.