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Apple expected to redesign many stock apps this year

WWDC is just a month or so away, and will be the first chance for the world to see what’s coming up later this year with iOS 18. But already, we’re seeing reports of some big changes like generative AI and Home Screen customization.

Now, Apple is said to be overhauling many of its stock apps, adding new features to the basic software that comes built-in on every iPhone and iPad. According to a report, we’re likely to see significant redesigns for – at the very least – Photos, Mail, Notes, and Fitness. Mail in particular has barely changed visually for the past decade, so we’re interested to see what a fresh coat of paint would do for the app.

It’s said these changes are to make the apps more customizable and “modular,” which could signify a shift in attitude to allow users more control over the features they want and need. That could be a way for Apple to keep people within its own apps, rather than reaching to superior alternatives from third-party developers. Up until now, Apple’s stock apps tend to be well designed and easy to use, but lacking in advanced features for fear of alienating the average user. Maybe iOS 18 will be the first step to changing that.

This news is in addition to existing rumors that tell us the Calculator app is finally coming to iPad, along with a major redesign. We also know for a fact that Apple is adding RCS support to Messages, allowing for a better texting experience between iOS and Android devices.