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iPadOS 18 will fix the longest-running iPad complaint

Big news, iPad fans. Not only are there iPad Pro and Air updates just around the corner, but sources indicate that iPadOS 18 will finally rectify one of the strangest omissions from the platform.

That’s right, after 14 long years, it looks like Apple will finally give us a Calculator app for iPad.

Users have often wondered why basic utility apps like Calculator and Weather were available for iPhone, but not iPad – especially as Apple loves encouraging developers to create universal apps that work across all platforms. The story goes that Steve Jobs’ perfectionism kept Apple from releasing scaled-up versions of the iPhone apps on iPad, and the company just hasn’t prioritized them since.

But a redesigned Weather app finally arrived with iPadOS 16 two years ago, and it looks as though Calculator will soon be joining it on the big screen.

A second rumor suggests that Apple is overhauling the design of its macOS Calculator app, and it’s likely we’ll see more or less the same version land on iPad. It’s said to include a “history tape” to keep track of calculations, support for unit conversions, and integration with a new math notation feature rumored to be heading to the Notes app this year.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to do sums on your iPad (or just want something better than the default for iPhone) check out our roundup of fantastic Calculator apps.