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iPad Pro now available to purchase

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It’s here. Apple’s powerful new 12.9-inch tablet, first unveiled in September, is now available to purchase online. Though it was touted as a pre-order, it’s actually available as soon as Apple can ship it to you, and some retail stores even have stock for immediate collection.

Apple CEO Tim Cook described the new device as “the biggest news in iPad since the iPad,” and has been promoting the device around the world recently. It’s by far the largest and most powerful iPad ever and is targeting power-users on the go as well as creative types and regular Joes who want to ditch their laptops.

The iPad Pro’s massive retina display is the size of two iPad Airs, enabling full scale multitasking. The tablet is powerful enough to run two separate apps simultaneously, side-by-side. The sound output is also much improved, with four hi-fidelity speakers allowing for 3D stereo sound.

Performance is hugely improved in this device too, offering “desktop-like” power. The new A9X processing chip has twice the memory bandwidth, twice the storage performance and twice the graphical capabilities of the A8X chip found in the iPad Air 2 – previously Apple’s most powerful tablet.

Also available are some new accessories like the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. The keyboard, which clips magnetically to a connector that transfers both power and data, is integrated into a screen cover and doubles as a stand, with a durable and water-resistant fabric finish. The pressure-sensitive Apple Pencil, on the other hand, is a stylus designed primarily for creative use. Pixar love it, and the precision on offer will be great for illustrators or those dabbling in drawing and painting apps.

The device is available in 40 countries, so international pricing is no longer a mystery. Those in the U.K. can expect to pay between £679 and £899 depending on storage and cellular capabilities, while U.S. purchasers will have to stump up somewhere in the range of £799 – $1,079.

App Advice is suggesting that the quickest way to get your hands on an iPad Pro is to order online but opt for in-store pickup. Not all stores will have the device in stock yet, but reports show that many locations in the U.S. have availability.

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