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Pixar has tested the iPad Pro, answers key question on usability

Pixar’s development team has gotten its hands on the brand new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which isn’t due until November.

The reveal was made in a tweet by Pixar’s Michael B. Johnson, who works with the tool development team at the film studio.

It’s uncertain whether the iPad Pro will feature in the production pipeline of Pixar’s next film, this visit from Apple going no further than a simple trial, but Johnson’s response was positive. He also revealed something that the initial presentation didn’t.

During the unveiling at Apple’s live event in September, Apple didn’t demonstrate the iPad’s palm-rejection capabilities.

Palm-rejection concerns whether the device is able to ignore the placement of a palm, or the side of a hand on the screen in favor of the finger taps and gestures that are being made by that hand.

In the tweet Johnson said “It has perfect palm rejection as far as we were able to see”.

Apple’s iPad Pro is due for release this November priced between $799 and $1079. It will feature Apple’s new A9X chip – an iPad appropriate version of the iPhone 6s’ new A9 chip. An attachable keyboard and Apple Pencil were also announced as accessories that will be available.

It’s a clever move on Apple’s part – if you really want an endorsement for a new product, where better to go that the world’s most recognizable CG animation brand.