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iPadOS 17 Preview: 5 things coming to iPad this year

We already reported on the 17 most notable features coming to iOS 17 this year, and the majority of those changes are coming to iPadOS 17 too. But as ever, iPad users also get some neat extras that aren’t available on iPhone. Here are 5 of the most exciting things coming to an iPad near you this Fall.

iPad catches up with iPhone

If you were miffed that year’s iPadOS 16 didn’t get access to flagship iOS 16 features like customizable Lock Screen designs and Live Activity widgets, look no further. This year, iPad joins the party with enhanced versions of both those things. The Health app also makes an appearance on iPad for the first time.

Interactive widgets are here

This has been a user request for a while now, so we’re pleased to see interactive widgets in iPadOS 17. That means you can tap a widget to check off a to-do, start a playlist, or adjust your smart Home – without opening the app itself.

PDFs are no longer second-class citizens

Dealing with PDF documents on iPhone and iPad has long been possible, but somewhat fiddly in practice. Not anymore. A new experience in Notes puts multiple PDF files alongside your regular note-taking space, with the built-in ability to annotate and even fill out forms without opening a third-party app. Machine learning can detect input fields, allowing you to type in the right places even with a scanned document.

User profiles in Safari separate work and play

Apple has long resisted the all to allow multiple user accounts on iPad, but here we get something similar for web browsing. Safari now allows you to define multiple profiles, such as Work, Home, and School. Each profile keeps its data separate, meaning your history, favorites, and cookies won’t bleed across different areas of your life.

Stage Manager comes of age

Last year, iPad got a new multitasking view called Stage Manager. This year, Apple has made significant improvements to its design, giving users more flexible control over layout. iPadOS 17 also supports cameras built into external displays.

iPadOS 17 won’t be released in full until September, but developers can already get their hands on the beta release for testing. If you’re excited to try the new features, Apple’s public beta program will go live in July, allowing anyone to trial iPadOS 17 early.