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iPhone 12 mockups – renders show off rumored new design

We reported last month on a series of high-profile iPhone 12 leaks, revealing all kinds of expected details about Apple’s 2020 handsets.

To summarize: sources including various anonymous Apple engineers alleged the iPhone 12 range will boast ultra-smooth dynamic ProMotion displays, increased battery capacities, and LiDAR sensors as part of a wider camera upgrade.

On the aesthetic side, those sources believe we can expect a smaller front-facing notch, iPhone 5-like chiseled edges, and a new Navy Blue premium finish.

Its these design changes that inspired the mockup artists at to knock up photorealistic visualizations showing exactly what these leaked details would look like in reality. And we have to admit, the renders look amazing. If this brushed-finish blue is really on the table later this year, we expect them to fly off the shelves.

Take a closer look at this gallery of iPhone 12 renders, paying particular attention to how different the flat edges look compared with Apple’s current-generation designs. Also note the thinner bezels around the display and the slightly redesigned camera bump.

Of course, we’ll have to wait until September – or potentially later, depending on how the pandemic has affected Apple’s supply chain – to get our hands on an actual iPhone 12. But in the meantime, we trust the sources these leaks came from and don’t think these renders will be too far off the money.