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iPhone 13 survey – 18% of users put off by ‘unlucky’ name

Would an iPhone by any other name smell as sweet, or are you a superstitious type who would prefer to avoid unlucky number 13?

According to a recent survey by SellCell, 18% of Apple users would be put off by the name “iPhone 13,” with 74% preferring a name that avoided the infamously off-putting digit. The number 13 has unlucky connotations in many cultures, and according to this data, nearly one-fifth of users are superstitious enough for the number to make them think twice about upgrading this Fall. Maybe they’re triskaidekaphobic?

Picking a name isn’t easy though, with no majority chosen as a clear favorite for the next iPhone. iPhone (2021) fared best with 38% of the vote, following the naming conventions now used by iPad and Mac.

Despite the branding concerns, a 64% majority would rather wait three months to get an iPhone 13 than buy an iPhone 12 today.

The survey also asked users various questions about the upcoming release of iOS and iPadOS 15, revealed earlier this month at WWDC. From a sample group of over 3000 participants, the new feature people are most excited about is the ability to store ID cards in Wallet, with 23% of the vote. Users are also looking forward to the improvements to Spotlight search and the fact that Find My will be able to track switched-off devices.

Meanwhile, the missing feature users most wished to see was interactive widgets, with 32% of the vote, followed by an always-on display and the release of pro-level Mac apps for iPad. Keep dreaming – maybe next year?

Be sure to check out the full survey details for more insight into how users feel about Apple’s upcoming releases.

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