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iPhone 15 design – leaked photos reveal upcoming changes

Following the Apple rumor mill is exhausting, isn’t it? We won’t hear official word on iPhone 15 for more than six months, but already pundits think they know almost everything about the upcoming handsets. We’ve now seen a bunch of rumors, reports, leaks, and the like – all of which generally agree that iPhone 15 will again comprise only minor visual changes from the previous models, with iPhone 15 Pro getting the majority of the new features.

But now we’re starting to get beyond fan-made renders, into the realm of actual photographs of iPhone 15 prototypes. And though blurrier than a twilight Bigfoot snap (supposedly to make it harder to trace the leak), these latest heavily-watermarked images from Unknownz21 reveal some pretty important information.

Notably, we see that the general design of iPhone 15 is practically identical to iPhone 14. However, you can see from the cut-out at the top of the screen that Dynamic Island is a feature, replacing the notch seen in the last few generations. Currently, only the iPhone 14 Pro has a Dynamic Island cut-out, and it’s proved popular – we even argued it demonstrates the best of Apple design.

The other big ‘reveal’ from these leaked photos is the inclusion of USB-C as a replacement for the Lightning port. EU regulations have forced Apple’s hand on the matter, and despite a few words from execs saying they planned to comply, there’s still a possibility Apple will delay the change another year or attempt to remove ports entirely and go fully wireless.

The above photo seems to quash those possibilities, seemingly confirming USB-C for both iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro – but remember this is still a prototype, so there’s a slim chance Apple could change direction.

Curious about the changes coming in the iPhone 15 Pro? It’s said the premium model will this year get some exclusive features, including a titanium frame, periscope camera lens, and haptic buttons. See our rumor recap for more.