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iPhone 6: out in September and available in two sizes?

It’s being reported that the next generation of iPhone – expected to be the iPhone 6, will be out in September, and likely to arrive in two sizes.

Japanese business daily Nikkei has written that alongside the smartphone’s fall arrival, two versions will be released – one with a 4.7inch screen, the other with a 5.5 inch screen.

If it turns out to be true it marks the second time that Apple has diverged from the single offering for its iPhone launches, mirroring the release of the 5c and 5s last September.

The wider product set allows it to compete with close rivals, Samsung, which already produces larger screened ‘phablets’.

While Nikkei doesn’t cite specific sources, the report has been picked up by numerous technology blogs and news sites, as confirmation of much of what we already know.

The details support the notion that Apple will follow its regular trend of a September release, which typically follows the introduction of a new iOS at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. This is despite rumors that Apple would skip ahead for a June release – which now seems less likely.


The idea of a larger iPhone has also been discussed since before the release of the 5c and 5s. The arrival of a larger iPhone is tantamount in its battle to hold its place in the smartphone market. If Apple doesn’t deliver this time around, it will be a major disappointment for customers.

Nikkei also reports that the iPhone 6 will have a much higher resolution screen.  It also says that mass production on its LCD panels could begin in June at Sharp, Japan Display and a variety of other facilities, including LG Electronics as Apple continues to move away from its reliance on Samsung parts.