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iPhone 6s rumor: Will resolution hit 2K?

It’s been reported that the next generation of iPhone (most likely the 6s) may shift to Full HD, while the 6s Plus could go as far as 2K resolution.

The report came out of China this week and was picked up on by CultofMac.

If the rumor comes to fruition then it will be a big leap from the current screens which are 1334×750 for the iPhone 6 and Full HD for the 6 Plus.

While on a day-to-day basis these boosts in screen sharpness won’t be revelatory, when playing videos, the screen’s crispness will shine through.

There are few rumors so far on what may be contained within Apple’s next incremental iPhone device, however – it’s believed that Apple will upgrade the devices to include Force Touch – the touch technology used on the Apple Watch and the latest range of MacBooks.

It’s also rumored that the 6s and 6s Plus devices will contain double the RAM, fast processor, and a 12MP camera.

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