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iPhone 8 in-screen fingerprint sensor will replace TouchID – but it might not launch until later in the year

Reports are suggesting Apple’s tenth anniversary “iPhone 8” won’t go on sale until after its usual September launch date.

Citing “industry sources” the reports say that thanks to a new fingerprint ID solution, the device won’t reach production until September, presumably delaying its availability. The expected iterative iPhone 7s and 7s Plus updates will likely launch in September as usual as they’re believed to go into production in July.

There are also interesting new details surrounding how Apple plans to tackle fingerprint authentication in the new device, which is believed to significantly reduce the bezels on the device, and thus, leaving no room for the traditional Home button with TouchID. It’s now believed that Apple will build fingerprint technology directly behind the screen. Though it won’t use an existing solution, like Natural ID by Synaptics, or Qualcomm’s Sense ID, which were in the running for integration.

Instead, Apple will use its own algorithm based on Authentec, a company it acquired back in 2012. It will then combine this with Privaris glass identification technology so that users’ fingerprints can be sensed from the glass. The system will sit underneath the OLED display likely to feature on an iPhone 8.

The report says:

“Apple’s in-house developed fingerprint ID solution will be fabricated at TSMC’s 12-inch line using 65nm process technology, said the sources, adding that production for the new OLED iPhone is unlikely to start until September due to the redesigned fingerprint ID solution.”

The report also explains the technology will work use ultrasound, though it makes no mention that Apple might also be working on facial recognition technology. However, if it was, the iPhone 8 may feature two-step biometric authentication – quite the safety feature.

“The upcoming OLED iPhone will also feature a built-in fingerprint sensor device, instead of traditional capacitive touch technology, and use biometric authentication systems such as ultrasound, the sources indicated.”

It’s still not known how this technology will feature on the iPhone, whether it will be operable across a wider display, or sit within a small area. It’s been rumored before that Apple will feature a ‘function area’ on the iPhone 8; an area that can house virtual buttons, including a fingerprint Home button, much like the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar.

Check out the recent concept images from MacRumors forum member deuxani to see what this might look like.

This could be what the iPhone 8 ends up looking like, complete with virtual Home button

This could be what the iPhone 8 ends up looking like, complete with virtual Home button