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iPhone 8 will have iPhone 4-like stainless steel frame, reports say

Supply chain reports are beginning to trickle in just that little bit faster now we’re in 2017, and the latest provides some intriguing insight into the form factor of the next generation iPhone, expected in September. A report from Digitimes is suggesting a stainless steel frame will be employed to hold together two glass panels – similar to the design of the iPhone 4.

The report says:

“The next-generation iPhone is expected to abandon its conventional aluminum back cover design and will adopt a new design using two reinforced glass panes and a metal frame in the middle. The metal bezel will be made of stainless steel using a forging process to enhance its sturdiness and reduce costs and manufacturing time.”

The iPhone has been made using aluminum for a series of upgrades now, but it’s thought that a return to stainless steel/glass is so wireless charging can be implemented on the new devices.

Other rumors include embedding the Home button and Touch ID sensor within the display. However, it’s not clear how this design might work with Apple’s rumored plans to introduce a curved screen on at least a premium model this fall.