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iPhone Event Confirmed – tune in Sep 7 for iPhone 14 news

Apple has officially confirmed the date of its yearly iPhone event, sending members of the press invites for Wednesday, September 7. But even if you’re not a tech writer, you can stream the show live as Tim Cook and co. unveil the iPhone 14 series.

This date comes slightly earlier than usual, moving away from Apple’s tradition of launching iPhones on a Tuesday, and it’s expected iOS 16 will be released to the public at the same time.

iPhone 14 expectations

Plenty of rumors have been flying around about the details of the upcoming iPhone 14 series, many of which seem as good as gospel at this point. Over the past few years, pre-release leaks have been pretty accurate with their iPhone spoilers, but Apple still likes to keep a few secrets where it can. This year, we’ve seen suggestions of always-on displays, titanium finishes, and a redesigned notch. It’s likely some features will be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro, with Apple keen to further differentiate its premium offering from the regular model.

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A galactic event

Apple’s invites usually contain a subtle hint at what to expect from its event, and this year a space-themed Apple logo accompanied the tagline “far out.” Opinion is split on what this means, but we’re pretty sure it will have something to do with the iPhone camera and its ability to capture shots at night. Some Android phones offer camera modes specifically for shooting stars, and with the incredible Webb telescope in the news lately, it would be an appropriate time to beef up the iPhone camera to take space shots. That could spell better low-light photos and a more competent telephoto zoom.

What else?

It’s not just the iPhone 14 we’ll be tuning in for, however. The next generation Apple Watch is almost nailed on to be a part of the presentation, and we wouldn’t rule out any sneaky “one more thing” announcements either. That said, don’t get your hopes up about seeing Apple launch its long-rumored AR Headset this September.

How to watch

Apple is continuing with pre-recorded events, which were such a success during the early days of the pandemic that Apple has stuck with them ever since. Despite not being a live show, it will be streaming live around the world via Apple’s website or YouTube channel at 10 am PT (that’s 6 pm BST for any Brits reading). You can watch it via from almost any device with internet access, or you can find it feature in the TV app on an Apple TV.

Of course, if you can’t give up two hours on a weekday morning for a press event, stick with us for a full recap soon after things wrap up. We’ll give you all the big talking points in 5 minutes.