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iPhone Macro Challenge – see the winners of Apple’s photo contest

Earlier this year, Apple initiated the Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge, asking photographers around the world to submit their best close-up macro photos taken with the camera capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Those devices are able to focus on extremely close subject matter (about an inch away), giving users the chance to snap impressively detailed “macro” images.

Apple has now revealed the winners of its challenge, as chosen by a panel of expert judges – and the ten winning photographs are truly stunning. We’ve included some of our favorites in this article, but you can view the entire set right here.

Sea Glass by Guido Cassanelli

The winning pictures will be featured prominently by Apple, including on billboards in some areas.

The quality of these photos – taken by regular people – really shows how the iPhone makes it possible to up your photography game without specialist equipment.

Sure, the latest Apple devices aren’t cheap, but this technology trickles down to more affordable models after a year or two, and even older iPhones are still capable of taking some amazing photos.

Volcanic Lava by Abhik Mondal

If you have an iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max and want to try something like this for yourself, it’s easy to do. There’s no specific macro setting, you simply have to get close enough to your subject. Ensure it’s near the middle of the frame and that you’re using the 0.5x or 1x camera. That’s it!

If you want even more control over the macro settings, try a pro camera app like Halide Mark II, which offers advanced manual focus. And if you’re just looking to level up your iPhone-ography in general – regardless of which model you have – check out the courses from our partners at the iPhone Photo Academy.