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A new regulatory filing points the way for Apple to unveil some new iPhones in the near future, well ahead of the annual September launch window for flagship devices.

We anticipate that the sequels to iPhone 8 and iPhone X will still release early Fall, as is widely expected. We understand from various rumors and leaks that three distinct models will be unveiled in September: two premium OLED models in the vein of iPhone X, and a cheaper 6.1-inch LED model to fill the iPhone 8 void.

So what could these filings refer to, if not the follow-up to the current generation of iPhones? It’s unlikely they’re incorrect, as the Eurasian Economic Commission is a trusted source with an amazingly accurate track record.

We’d put a lot of money on this pointing to an upgrade to the iPhone SE. Apple’s entry-level smartphone caters to those who don’t need the latest bells and whistles, and to those who miss the old 4-inch design from the days of the iPhone 5S. It’s a physically identical device to the 5S, in fact, but with upgraded internals to bring it roughly in line with the 6S in terms of specs and camera quality.

iPhone SE was first released around two years ago and has sold well, so it’s definitely due a refresh. Even in its current form we consider it, for many users, Apple’s best iPhone. An upgrade that nabbed parts from the iPhone 7 would give it a significant speed boost and make its $349/£349 price tag even more of a bargain.

There’s a good chance that iPhone SE 2 will be announced at this year’s WWDC, which takes place 4-8 June, or maybe even in a press release a little sooner than that. If you’re considering buying the iPhone SE, it’s worth holding off for a month or two until the next version is released – you’ll get way more bang for your buck that way!

We’ll be sure to let you know all the details as soon as something official is announced.